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Lou Creemers
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Learning C# in 2024? How to do it in 3 steps

Hi lovely readers,

With C# never standing still, the resources aren’t either. Let’s get into it if you’re interested in learning how to get into this awesome language. Oh, and all of these resources are, of course, completely free 😎.

1. Foundational C# with Microsoft at FreeCodeCamp

Since August 2023 you can follow the ‘Foundational C# course’ on FreeCodeCamp. In this course you learn the very basics of C#, how the syntax works, and how to write your first console projects. It’s the perfect way to start your journey. After finishing this course you even get a certificate of completion.

Foundational C# FCC landing page

2. C# exercises at Exercism

To fill up the gaps of whatever concept in the language you don’t understand I would advise you to use Exercism. On Exercism, you can make all kinds of challenges and exercises while getting feedback from experienced C# developers.

Exercism C# landing page

3. Build projects at The C# Academy

Are you confident enough to finally start building something? Great! The C# Academy is the website for you to start making multiple projects, from simple C# console apps to React + C# fullstack applications. There’s a community behind the platform that can help you, a scoreboard, reviewing, and much more.

C# Academy landing page

What else?

Do you feel like learning C# just isn’t enough? That’s fair. Here are some other interesting things you can learn that a lot of C# developers touch on a day-to-day basis:

  • Git

  • Docker (or containers in general)

  • Microsoft Azure

  • CI/CD

You don’t have to follow this list in order, but at the very least knowing that these 4 concepts exist can help you later on.

That’s a wrap!

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and got inspired to maybe pick up C# next year, or maybe even right now. Are you looking for book or YouTube recommendations instead? Then check out my blog post about C# resources for beginners.

Feel free to reach out to me at @lovelacecoding on almost every social media platform, or leave a comment. Thanks!

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Olabamiji Oyetubo

+1 for building projects in C# academy

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João Angelo

Hi, Lou Creemers ,
Thanks for sharing

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