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Discussion on: When Will I Suffer Career Crisis as a Software Engineer?

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Lou — Cloud Engineer • Edited

A specific way that I've overcome this, is try to find situations where you can use a new technology side-by-side with one that I know. Jobs that trap you working on a single technology that you already know well without the chance to rotate, can make life difficult. If you can find a role that's 50% something you're used to and 50% new, that's the sweet spot. If you keep monkey-bar-ing into those situations it keeps you going.

I think there's also something in here to be said about identity. We often get fixated on labelling ourselves, but there comes a time that you have to re-invent yourself. And this typically comes with pushback. "What you're giving up on X?", or "Oh, I thought you'd do X forever". Sometimes the social pressure to stay the same keeps us from re-inventing ourselves and our skillsets often enough.

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TuWang Author

Good strategy :)