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Discussion on: Yarn and the dark future of third party NPM clients

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Lou — Cloud Engineer Author

Hey Mael!

Thanks very much for your time and your insight, I knew writing this was a risk, since theree was a lot that I did not know. But I felt it important to open up a conversation on the topic, and I'm glad that despite the points I raise you feel hopeful V2 will address a lot of these issues. It seems V1 served it's purpose in showing that package management could be done better, and hopefully V2 will do the same all over again. I'm quite excited for the modules, and the concept of running Yarn as an API, too.

The majority of what I discuss is merely from digging around in the past few days. I was also conscious that I didn't want to downplay all the hard work that goes into open source, and how grateful I always am for the maintainers like yourself — so thank you!