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Discussion on: Who is hiring? (As of June 2018)

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Lou — Cloud Engineer

AND Digital | Software Engineers (junior - senior) | OnSite | 30K —> 90K | Visa: Maybe

AND Digital is a professional services company. We're London / North of England based. We're a people-first company that has three parts of our business

We're about 300 people and growing.

1) Guide — Helping our clients with technology and product strategy, creating roadmaps and plans.

2) Build — We work alongside our clients to help them build their products.

3) Teach — We have an academy that helps organise and run trainings for our own staff to learn and upskill and also to help our clients do better work.

Really varied work for a software engineer, lots of tech opportunities, big brands, lots of training and budget for learning.

Wanna know more, message me. Or check out: