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Lou Willoughby
Lou Willoughby

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This is where the magic happens! πŸ‘πŸ»

When the pandemic first started and we was all sent to work from home I packed up my work computer and stayed with my parents. There was one problem.. Where was i going to work? My parents have never had a dining table, they definitely didn't have a desk or study, but they had a coffee table πŸ’‘ so for the first 4 months I was sat on the floor with my mac computer on the coffee table and my dog next to me (i was on the floor so open invitation for cuddles). This was not ideal of course but i had to work with what i had.

After I returned home, I lived in a flat share and so apart from my bedroom, all the space was communal. Again, I didn't have a desk but I at least had a dining table, so my mac computer and second screen took up the entire table and this was my work space during a lot of the pandemic. Unfortunately having to take this down every evening so my roommates could use the table and after my bum had gotten SO numb from these fancy instagramable bucket chairs I spoke with my boss and we organised a desk.

During the last lockdown I had my desk and office chair crammed into my small room, I could only just fit my two monitors, keyboard and mouse and this is where I worked for the remainder of the lockdown. Yes I finally had a desk and comfortable chair! But, I was also sleeping, living and working in my room. I went weeks without stepping foot in the living room, I had completely lost my work/life balance.

Bringing this story to now..
I recently moved into my own place, we also have hybrid working within the office so we can have a mixture of home and office working which is a great way to break up the week! But with all the moving I was back to square one, no desk, no chair, I returned everything after the pandemic and so I had to get creative. I would work from the breakfast bar (sounds fancy but the chairs that was already here are too tall for the bar so you have to hunch), this was not good for my back! I would then work from my bed, but lets be honest how can you get into work mode from your bed!? This was really not good for my mental health, especially as I'm doing more training, personal code projects, online networking.. I needed my own space where I could focus and be creative!

So today I made that space! πŸ‘πŸ» It's minimalistic and nothing special but to me its my space. It doesn't have to be fancy like a lot of these posts or TikToks you see, it just has to be right for you. I can't explain how better my mind feels already, I now can't wait to use this space 😊


Do you have a lockdown story? Or an area you're most proud of? Please share your stories..

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andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

That was a really great story.

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Tanwa Sripan

Lovely set up, glad you have your own space to work at now! Also, the blanket looks cozy, should keep you warm when your hands get cold! :D

louiseann93 profile image
Lou Willoughby Author

Thank you! Yeah I love a blanket, it’s definitely a comfort thing πŸ˜… haha