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Lotfi Jebali
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How did I build my first browser extension ?

I am not going to write code, it's the story behind building an extension.

As Michael Bierut said “ The problem contains the solution. ”
As I am always reading articles and following tutorials online, it is obvious that I will jot down notes, thoughts and ideas.

But the problem was that I had to leave my browser and write it down in a notepad before saving it, which meant that I would have a lot of files scattered around my laptop, making it difficult to find a specific note.

My brother, who is a data scientist by the way, came up and said, "It would be nice to make yourself an extension and store your thoughts there so you don't have to go out and do it. Think about it."

Then, the process began.


Because a notes app will not have a complex interface, the design did not take long, especially since I previously created a notes app using Vanilla JavaScript.
My little brother picked the colors.

Jumping to code

I spent most of my time in VS Code and in browser's console ; exploring bugs and errors ; .
It took me around 20 days to finish it and finally publish it.

Good news after publishing it

After publishing the source code to GitHub, I wanted to add Bullet Journal to Mozilla add-ons and here are good news :

  • It underwent the automatic review
  • Content review was successful And after 15 hours, I received an email saying that Bullet Journal was approved after passing the technical code review and basic functionality testing. It is now available for Firefox users and you can download it here


It is obvious that the Internet is filled with project ideas, but an idea that solves a problem is always a better idea.
Don't look far away to find your next project; focus on what you're missing and what can make something easier for people, and start working on it.

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