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Release 0.4 - Week 1

For this release, I plan to work on a repository called wedding. The objective itself was to create a test gallery that would fit with the authors objective.

The thing is when the author first created the issue there was not that many details about how he wanted. So I just went off and created a test gallery that I thought he would like.

That was before, he told me what kind of requirements he would like. After finding out his requirements, I had to change up my approach completely, which is honestly a blessing in disguise.

I have not worked much with react, only during school so that means working on this would allow me to hone my skills in react, which I have not done much of compared to others. I haven't even used react for a long while, so I need to relearn how the system works. I have to follow what the author already laid for me and build from there.

This is new because as of now, I am building a part of a web app without using html files whatsoever.

I'm hoping to be able to relearn how react works and build properly what the author is asking.

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