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Release 0.4 - Progress

So far, I have made some progress on both the newer repositories.

For github-writer I figured out the basis of how to run the commands during the workflow. Currently I'm sure that it relies on Node version 16, I have tried running the integration with different versions but they will fail. Not only that but the versions of the CDK editor are also very specific.

So now that I know that, It HAS to stay the same, so there isn't much I can modify within the package.json . Even upgrading it to a more recent version would break the continuous integration workflow.

What I'm going to focus on next is trying to properly run lint within this workflow. From my previous implementation of lint was not correct, so I will have to somehow find a way to properly run the command in order to get the correct result. I would also have to figure out

As for scrambled So far, I have the layout of how it should be displayed somewhat finished. I even included it within the App.js file so I could test it locally to see that it does convert it to minutes and seconds from a parent.

For now it does take from a parent and display it, so from now I will be focusing on creating a tick that would set it as a countdown. The hard part would be trying to set up the speed at which it would tick down, and set it to stop at 00:00.

That is what I will be focusing on up until the finished product.

NOTE: The wedding repository has been either privated or removed from githu

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