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Release 0.4 - Planning Rework

Due to some unexpected circumstances that in my previous post for Release 0.4, the author of the repository no longer wanted the test dummy gallery.

It was quite unfortunate because, when he said this, I had just finished the react component of the code and all it needed was a review from him. But I didn't commit on time and I saw that he had closed the issue stating that it was no longer needed. So I just have one semi-finished product without the review.

So I opted for a different repo, or rather, two in particular:

  • One was to create Continuous Integration for a repository called github-writer.

This one is what we have done in a previous lab, but instead of relying on node and npm, this time it also relies on the use of yarn. So somehow I would have to integrate yarn instead of npm like in my previous lab to create this integration.

  • The second one is to create a timer that would take set amount of seconds from a parent state and displays those seconds as minutes and seconds. It will then start counting down to zero in the repository called scrambled. (It is a relatively new project)

Scrambled is based of the use of react and since I previously tried to do something in react but couldn't (rather they canceled on me). So this would be another chance for me to give it another go at using React. I'd have to somehow figure out how to get the system to take a parent amount and then figure out how to convert the numbers into minutes and seconds. After that somehow set a loop for it to countdown until it reaches and stops at zero.

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