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Release 0.4 - Finale

We have reached the finishing point of the semester as well as Release 0.4.

I managed to finish the implementations themselves, it took a bit of time finishing the react but it was well worth the time.

For the Continuous integration, I managed to get the CI to run properly and also run the authors version of lint. I should have expected it to fail because there were several issues when running lint locally but it was the difference between. CRLF and LF, which is only the difference in line feed in different operating systems. So I assumed GitHub would ignore that and it did. though the Authors code did have some issues that I did not find. So I can safely say that I managed to integrate ESLint in the continuous integration properly.

For the timer I managed to finish the class for it to countdown till it reached zero. The timer has a constructor that would store the time and in the tick function it would do the math for the countdown. Then there would be a function to start the countdown and it would set the countdown as it kept ticking. Finally the render would be sent within contained between <span></span>. The index file would take the class and set the amount of seconds and send it to the main app.

But as the author requested, instead of making a class, it would be better if I could export it as a function. So I decided to revamp my code as a whole, and changed it to a much more simple function, instead of setting it up similar to the class before with multiple functions, it is one function that does everything.

NOTE: I am now a collaborator for this repository.

As for why they are not merged yet, I am still awaiting a review from both Repositories. For scrambled, I basically have evrything done as per the authors request, and changing it to a function. As for github-writter I have not heard from them.

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