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Quarantine Games - Pictionary!

lost_semicolon profile image Lost Semicolon πŸ’»πŸ–± ・1 min read

It is easy to feel demotivated or disconnected from your team when we are all isolating. We have started doing weekly games at work to be more connected in the team. First one is Pictionary :

You will need:

*Drawing software (paint)
*Calling + Screen Share Software (Teams, Zoom, Slack etc)

How it runs:

Split into 2 random teams on the call.
A person from each team will draw for their own team ( I think that’s the easiest).

Team 1 – a person from team one uses a random generator to pick a word. I suggest starting with "medium" difficulty.
Person then shares their screen with paint opened ready to draw.

Team 2 starts 1 min timer and GO !
Person from Team 1 draws the picked word
Team 1 guesses the word.

If they guess correctly, team gets a point. If not then :(
Team 1 and Team 2 swap roles.

Track your score! Do 5 rounds and see how it goes - you can do movie categories or something harder later on. Its quite hard to draw with a mouse - start small and improve over time :)

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