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Best Online CV Template Builder 🔨

lornasw93 profile image Lorna Watson Updated on ・1 min read

Whilst looking for a new job back in early 2020, I began to research for an online CV builder where I wanted something easy to use, quick to build and have a selection of different existing templates. I wanted to have a nice looking and different CV to standout. I spent many hours looking for a suitable site and came across VisualCV.

All fine and dandy, but... 🤔

In short, if you use a pro template for your CV you need to have a paid subscription to download it. If you use a free template you can download it for free. When it comes to updating my CV I pay for a month to edit and download, and then cancel. It's a bit of a faff but worth it for the simplicity, quickness and templates (in my opinion!).

Features 🔥

  • Pretty templates (3 free, 17 pro)
  • Both free and paid plans available
  • Sample content
  • Preview
  • Drag and drop reordering
  • Multiple CVs
  • Modify page margins
  • Add/modify page breaks
  • Download as PDF and Word (beta)
  • Optional shareable link or export only
  • Good mobile app

Quick tour 🏃‍♀️

Where the magic happens - main screen

Templates list - free ones are labelled clearly

Interactive on hover, easily reorder elements and add new sections

Hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful. ✨

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