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All deployments regardless of retention period?

I've asked in various places including Stackoverflow and at work this question but not getting anything back: how to get a list of all project deployments regardless of retention period (specifically using Octopus Deploy REST API)?

What I'm currently getting: a list of all project deployments as per retention period set.

I believe (might be wrong) it's retention period is set per environment as, for example, for project X I'm getting 2 Live deployments back and in the same project all (by default) of Branch Tests.

I'm wanting to get a list of all project deployments but, to me at least, seems odd I can't get just a list regardless of retention period.

This gets me a list of all deployments but still only get 2 for Live for instance.

HTTP GET: https://<base-url>/api/deployments

Does anyone have idea how to get around this? Or have I missed something? There is documentation online in general but not enough tbh and not this specific.

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