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SQL should be your default choice & other stories

This article originally appeared on ingest this!, a curated newsletter about Data Engineering, MLOps, and Machine Learning Engineering.

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SQL should be your default choice for data engineering pipelines

We all love a bit of SQL, but is it powerful enough to be the only language used in your data engineering pipelines? In this article, Robin Linacre argues that you should look no further than SQL, thanks to modern techniques, such as CTEs, and new tools, such as DuckDB, SQLGlot, and dbt.

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Andrew Ng on Data-Centric AI

Andrew Ng discusses how and why we should move from big data to good data when building AI systems.

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Airflow Sucks for MLOps

Demetrios Brinkmann from interviews Stephen Bailey about working with data platforms, the problems related to the orchestration layer and the limits of the current tools.

Also available as a video here.

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Draw plots on the terminal with YouPlot

YouPlot is a great tool written in Ruby that allows you to create plots directly on your terminal. Many different plot types are available.

YouPlot in action

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Worked fine in Jupyter

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