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We're developing a web3 social network protocol open source!

Hello everyone! We are called Desmos Network, we are a team of people gathered from different continents, and we have been developing a completely open source protocol to develop decentralized social networks since 2019.

The Desmos project identifies the following components:

Desmos Network: the layer 1 blockchain built using Cosmos SDK;

Desmos Core: the set of modular modules that enable the development of platforms with social functionality on Desmos Network;

Desmos SDK: the set of tools provided to developers to simplify development as much as possible.

Given the completion of the main features of the protocol during the second quarter of 2022, we are looking for both people who want to actively contribute to our project and teams who will use it to build their own decentralized platform.
The coolest part of this project, is that the modular structure allows simply any developer with front-end knowledge to develop their own decentralized social network without knowing blockchain-related languages or having any special notions.

If anyone is interested in the project, I leave the link to join our Discord server!

Thanks everyone!

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