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Crafting a Standout Portfolio: A Guide to Best Practices

Hey everyone!πŸ‘‹

Recently, I've been working on a portfolio website for one of my friend and I noticed that it can consume time if you don't have clear goals. In this article I'll be covering how you can plan your portfolio, as well as giving you best practices to create a portfolio.

  1. Set Clear Goals:
    Many people do not have clear goals on What they want their portfolio to achieve? Whether it's landing your dream job, showcasing your projects, or simply expressing your unique personality, So Before you even touch a line of code, take a moment to define your goals, having clear goals will guide your design and content decisions.

  2. Keep it Simple:
    Many people do not have specific goals for their portfolio. Whether it's finding your ideal job, exhibiting your projects, or simply expressing your distinct personality, take a time to identify your objectives before you ever touch a line of code. Having clear goals will influence your design and content selections.

  3. Highlight Best works:
    Many people highlight their degrees, their hobbies interest on their portfolio but not their work. Don't be shy – put your best foot forward! Feature your most impressive projects prominently. Provide a brief overview of each project, the problem you solved, and the technologies you used.

  4. Responsive Design:
    Make sure your portfolio looks great on all devices. Because many consumers browse on smartphones and tablets, a mobile-friendly portfolio is essential. You can do this by using CSS frameworks such as Tailwind, which makes designing a snap.

  5. Tell your story:
    Your portfolio is all about you; it's a one-way stop where others can learn about you, so tell your story. Share your journey, your passion for coding, and what makes you unique. Potential employers want to get to know the person behind the code.

  6. Show Personality in Every Pixel:
    Inject your personality into every pixel. Allow your personality to be the guiding force behind the aesthetics, whether it's an animated emblem, a bespoke image, or a unique manner of showcasing your abilities.

  7. Craft a Unique CTA:
    Guide visitors in a unique way. It may be a personalised message, a distinctive button design, or a novel technique to foster relationships. Make certain that your call to action fits your unique style.

  8. Give it a uniqueness:
    Include a unique element in your portfolio, such as a video embedded, an avatar, or a scan to download thing, or anything else that adds to the originality of your portfolio, but infuse your personal touch to it, so it makes your portfolio unique.

Building a portfolio is more than just ticking boxesβ€”it's a canvas for your uniqueness, infuse your personal touch, and let your portfolio be a testament to what sets you apart.

Happy coding! πŸš€

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