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Bitcoin Rank: Whats your position in Bitcoin World?

Hey guys πŸ‘‹

Ever found yourself wondering where you stand in the vast world of Bitcoin? Or curious to know which wallets hold the top stacks of the magical digital gold? Well, buckle up because I've got something cool for you!

I found this cool project on GitHub called Bitcoin Rank, and it's all about ranking Bitcoin addresses. I thought, "Hey, this could be even cooler!" So, I tinkered with the code a bit and made it better. Now, it's super user-friendly and does more things!

What's Bitcoin Rank?
Imagine you have bitcoins and you want to know your position among all the bitcoin holders and know your ranking. That's where Bitcoin Rank comes in. It tells you how your Bitcoin stacks up globally and shares fun stats about your wallet.

Some Screenshots:
(These are from a random Bitcoin Address)

Index Page:

Image description


Image description


  1. Looks Stylish Everywhere
  2. More Friends, More Fun
  3. Entirely Browser-Based
  4. All data storage and processing carried out within your browser for heightened security and privacy (Best Feature)

There are many-many cool features in this project, this project is like a playground for Bitcoin fans. It's free for everyone, and you can join in! The project is entirely open-source, and I encourage you to check it out, fork it, and contribute.

Website Link:
Github Repo:

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