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Why i use Arch other than any Linux distribution and you should NOT as a noob ?

First of all, why even Linux <?>

If you have been using computers enough, you seem to have no reason to switch a whole new operating systems.
There might be some reasons.

  • Windows just works, Which is true.
  • Linux just seems too much learning!
  • I'm comfortable with windows, thanks!

Today i want to share few things with you guys that changed from introduction of Linux in my programming career.

Let's be straight here, Linux is cool. When you see someone using it you already assume he must be a genius. All those terminals open on the screen, text running through it.
But in reality all hes doing is just running update commands or cmatrix[A matrix effect on the terminal].

The thing is, you can also it.

linux is not hard.

You don't have to star hard. Thats what i have seen people do while moving new to linux.
They want to run Arch linux on the first go because they want the best distro.
No doubt Arch is the distro to go for but its too early for that. Getting an idea on what your going in is important.
Learning how things work is important.
Knowing the new environment is what should be the goal.

If you want to get in, without having to know anything about linux.
Just get a Ubuntu installed. and use it.
Use for chilling, browsing web. get use to the new environment. And trust me once you get it, you dont wanna look back to windows.

And about the command line.
I'll say once you get the linux environment you'll learn the tools too.
Just be patient and relax. Relax with linux and you will not need to learn it.

Thanks for reading !

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