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20th weekly post, reserved workers. Also, AL2022.

Items of the week

  • Jest - in single run mode, the maximum number of workers is set to be the number of CPU core available minus one for main thread, we can customise using the CLI option --maxWorkers, as stated on the official documentation page.

  • JavaScript - undefined, NaN, and Infinity are actually not reserved words, got this from chapter 2 of JavaScript: The Good Parts.

  • On the week 47 of 2021, we saw the public preview of Amazon Linux 2022 which is now based on Fedora. Also, there will be a new major version of Amazon Linux every two years from now on and each will be supported for five years. More information available on the official announcement page.

This is a weekly bite-sized post on web app development from JavaScript to UX and technology in general. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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