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Loizos Kounios on January 06, 2019

When I was in the final stages of developing my blog, I started looking into the best way to handle comments. After going through the list of usual... [Read Full]
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This is a perfect solution for developer-focused blogs. And as @mudasobwa pointed out in the comments, also helps filter out unwanted commenters.

I personally switched to commentbox.io/ which is just a cleaner privacy-focused alternative to Disqus. Honestly though, I no longer see a huge need for comments on a self-hosted blog as I prefer to just have those discussions on social media or sites like dev.to.


Thanks for mentioning commentbox.io. I might switch over from disqus to use their service.


Most people will probably stick with a solution that allows people to either comment without an account or log in with a service that has a lot more users.


Absolutely! It's always a trade-off. :-)


Or maybe your readers aren’t developers.


Nice, I had this issue last week for my new blog, I went with Disqus, did not knew about the Github Trick.

Funny how ppl nowadays load JS files using React. React becomes the new jQuery, soon Ill see stackoverflow questions like we did 10yrs ago with jQuery: "how can I sum 2 numbers with React".


I moved all discussion on my blog to Twitter. After each post, clicking on a link will open a Twitter search for blog URL.


I'm not sure most people would create a new account just to make comments on some random blog.


What prevents other people from using your comment repo on their website? 🧐


Has anyone figured out a way to authenticate with Twitter, or other platforms (who then can post as a shared/generic github user?)


I think Microsoft has moved their docs to github, and is using a similar solution for tracking issues and comments.


Amazing! Thanks For Letting Us Know About This Amazing Thing!🙂


Now, quickly, create a whole new post about this while also linking it to this one... /s


It makes me a bit sad to see that it's a github-only solution

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