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Seven Facets of WooCommerce; Perfect For E-commerce Startups

loiusmartin1 profile image Loius Martin Updated on ・7 min read

WooCommerce is the lifesaver for ecommerce brands operating on Wordpress. There are many ways in which the WordPress has helped the modern website developer, but Woo Commerce is one of the few and rare plugins that made a substantial impact on the eCommerce scenario.

WooCommerce is a plugin that helps e-commerce brands customize their products and sort them in categories.

The plugin has been downloaded over 1.6 M times so far all over the globe since its launch in 2011. It is an open-source platform that gives the user an elaborate platform to manage the online business and have an excellent way to manage the market.

It's Free:

The plugin and all of its features are entirely free of charge. Perhaps, there lies the reason for its fame; it is a highly useful app that will not ask for a dime of your money. It also has a long list of unique features that are not available in even the paid eCommerce plugins.

These features will be discussed in detail, but the app is gaining high praise because they are all highly effective and useful. They also are a dream come true for newly launched eCommerce ventures because they are free and will allow for effective management of the eCommerce business.


The usual way to manage an eCommerce brand was to have extensive coding knowledge. But since Woo-commerce has come into the game, the eCommerce has become a highly independent process. The user can manage their product catalogs, change the attributes, or assign separate attributes, place sale prices, and categorize their products extensively.

The plugin will allow you to conduct commerce virtually, with the downloadable product, physical products, external or affiliate products, and many other options.

The product diversity allows the user to exercise an extended range of freedom in how they want their product presented to the broader audience. The plugin is also simple so that any person running the domain can continue to upgrade the catalog without any need for technical knowledge.

From ECommerce to Digital Marketing:

The plugin lets the user run their blog, develop an individual and professional website, and allows you to promote your product online. Now all you have to do is develop a social media presence for your brand, and your product is ready to be launched.

You will find that the system needs little external help if you have basic knowledge of the online world and know your way around a functional portal. You can run your blog, promote it on social media pages, and make an impact on the website you have.

 Customization Options:

Customization is the strong suit of the plugin, and there are 39 main thematic options available to the user. If the person mixes them up, then they will get a wide range of customization options that can all come together.

The plugin will have a wide range of customization options available for free, and some of them are available for a price.

You can also change the code if you want and play with the presentation on the website. There are many unique features that every theme will bring to the table, and you can go through them to understand the way that the website can be made more attractive and engaging.


The plugin is famous for its simplicity despite its sophisticated functions. The plugin does not require any additional knowledge of the program, and you can perform highly specialized services. You can build the website that is designed for eCommerce purposes.

You can also place your products, make sure that the products are categorized and tagged according to your inventory, and develop an entire online shop around your brand. You will not need any coding knowledge to perform any of these functions. You can also keep track of orders, update delivery status, manage shipping options, manage coupon codes, and manage tax settings, using the plugin.


Let's suppose you are running 'Birds of Paradise' a bird of paradise resort brand; the plugin comes with an unbelievable analytics option that will allow you to see your products in a new light. You will find the analytics highly useful as a merchant because you will be able to understand how many average orders you have had.

You can also manage customer statistics, manage total sales and record of the sales, and all other transaction details. These details can also be viewed with a bird's eye view with the graphs, and you can understand your purchases better. All of these options are available in the admin's corner.


The plugin has an extensive range of extensions that will allow you to run the business effectively. The WooCommerce extensions are extensively related to ecommerce, such as payment gateway extensions, marketing, and reporting extensions and accounting extensions, among many others.

The Apps Galore will allow you to have more detailed and nuanced control over your website. You will see that the site will be easier to manage and will be available in a more effective manner for your ecommerce needs than ever before with these extensions.

These are a few of the many features that will allow you to develop an ecommerce brand you can be proud of. The plugin has an incredible impact on the modern ecommerce and all the newly minted ecommerce brands that are opened on a small scale have WooCommerce to thank for their success.

The plugin took the system of complex website building usually required for ecommerce and developed it into a practical and straightforward solution that all could follow. The result was that the plugin was a great hit in itself.

In the past decade that the plugin has been active, it has only strengthened its identity as the true heir of ecommerce in the decades to come. The plugin has a sprawling list of extensions and upgrades that are all aimed at improving and enhancing the modern ecommerce experience.

Share your thoughts on the best plugin with us, and we would love to know your choice of ecommerce plugins!

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