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This article will take you on the run through the new Swift 5.4 Features to help you during the iOS App development process and make it easier. These features have been proved very powerful and valuable at the same time. Swift parts feel just like an Apple Pie.

There is a reason why people choose the Apple Gadgets rather than trying other technology because Apple provides durability, exquisite features, user-friendly, extreme security, good resale values, and faster usage. It is like an all in one package that will benefit you in many ways. Well, there is another competitor technology that is here to compete with Apple, i.e. Android.

Apple is famous because it comes with the latest and the finest usability available in the market. So, a new version of Swift 5.0 came in in March 2019. This new version brought many changes in the process of iOS App development up until now. The process became much easier, and the work just got better and more efficient. People switch their iPhones like they switch Instagram Reels these days. Whenever the new iPhone launches, the sales of the product reach a peak. According to The Verge, there are now over 1.65 billion active iPhone users.

Today, we will look at some of the most significant changes that came with Swift 5.0 and how it became the best choice for every single iOS app developer in the world. In 2019, when Swift 5.0 came out in the market, its features are all that mattered. This new version led to the development in Swift’s server-side to use it as a back-end language for web services.

But what is the point of understanding all this?

If you don’t know why we’re doing this, you need to realise that Swift is way too strong than creating any iOS app. Let’s take a look at the attribute of both.

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