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Microsoft Windows Bug Bash 2019

logeshpalani98 profile image Logesh Palani Originally published at on ・1 min read

           The Bug Bash main goal is to improve the user experience of windows, by pulling issues and suggestions from windows insiders and windows users.  This webcast creates a quest and forums to announce the features and new tasks to report the bug, problem and gives some better ideas to improve the windows.  

Why you should participate in Bug Bush?

           If you facing any problem like a performance or installation problem in your windows, you can directly report to the Windows Engineer Team to fix the problem and improve the window experience.  

How to Participate in Bug Bash?

  • Ensure your PC is running the Latest Preview Build in the fast ring (Build 18985).
  • Clear the quests to know what is the new features in Feedback Hub windows at the end of Quest.
  • When you click windows + F it will take to another window, there you can give feedback with screenshots.

Link to Join Bug Bash -


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