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How to install Node.js in Manjaro Linux

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Installation process

Version managers rule in dev environments.

So we will install Node.js through nvm.

Install the nvm package from the AUR:

pacaur -S nvm

Then on your terminal:

echo 'source /usr/share/nvm/init-nvm.sh' >> ~/.bashrc
exec $SHELL

To list all available versions for Node.js :

nvm ls-remote

Let’s install latest from the 9 series:

nvm install 9
node -v #v9.8.0
npm -v #5.6.0

Add the Yarn package manager globally:

npm install -g yarn

We need to add Yarn’s binary to our $PATH in ~/.bashrc.

In a terminal:

echo 'export PATH=$PATH:~/.yarn/bin' >> ~/.bashrc

If you are a Vue.js fan —and why shouldn’t you be one? :)— install vue-cli:

yarn global add vue-cli


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Great article dude!

Just a typo at the beginning: pacman -S nvm
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