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Lucas Olivera
Lucas Olivera

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Time till Endgame


My coworkers and I are great Marvel fans, so naturally we can't stop talking about Endgame, the movie which is going to be premiered soon.

Everyday we ask eachother how much time do we have to wait to go to the cinema to finally watch it, so I decided to make a webpage in which you insert the day you are watching it and it returns you a counter which days and time left to watch it.



You can see the website here. If you wish to see the code, you can see it on my Github repository. It was made with React in a day and a half, so don't expect a lot of functionalities, but spaghetti code and bad UX.

EDIT: Glitch is having some maintenance, so the site may not be available!


  • Online
  • Github repository This version allows you to see who is going to watch the film, when and if they can spoil you (or if you can spoil them). Also, let's you post on Twitter how much time you have to wait to finally see the film.

Feel free to give me advice about anything that I can improve! But do it before Endgame premieres!

Thank you for reading. Don't forget to follow me on and Twitter!

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