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The Struggle

In some meetings I found myself not having done all the tasks I was told to finish. Not because I'm lazy or I didn't found time but mainly because I just forgot about it.

My Attempts

No notes

That's where I came from. Forget it. With a decent amount of context switching during the day, you'll soon lose track of the most of your tasks and so did I.


I started writing down my personal tasks to paper but soon I got in trouble. I forgot looking in the notebook, the pages got messed up with tasks and notes, there was not enough space to add additional notes. It was a mess.

Markdown File

I don't know why, but after the notebook attempt I started arranging my daily work in a markdown file. This was not as messy as the notebook but soon I found myself cutting and pasting lines around, improvising ways to mark tasks for their different states. It worked but I put a lot of effort in arranging tasks.. it could have been better.



My filthy attempts in managing my tasks didn't work out but I learned what I NOT need. So based on this I put together requirements for a new tool to find or else write by myself.

  • Offline, for company security reasons
  • Reliable (being able to create backups)
  • Simple and fast Task management
  • Everything at a glance
  • Dark theme would be great

With that in mind and the knowledge about the SCRUM-Board, also knowing about kanban, I was looking for a simple kanban solution. I found many online application like Trello and stuff but FINALLY found the solution to all of my task managing problems.

My Personal Kanban

My Personal Kanban on Github

My Personal Kanban Screenshot

With that awesome piece of angular based software, you can manage your tasks in cards, quickly create new ones, grab them to switch their state and sort them by color. And all that locally! If you wish, you can create an online backup to the cloud. Exactly what I needed.

Now, that I'm managing my personal work tasks in this software for about a month now, I realize that I'm getting more reliable and have all my stuff done (except there's a lack of time, of course).

If you consider using this be always sure to make a backup as the data is stored in your browsers cache. Therefore you can hit the export button and store a json file.

Additionaly it's open source!

That's what I call a solution.

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markdown guide

Excellent tool, much easier to set up than all the other personal kanban boards I've looked at.


Seen the requirements, I hope you don't mind if I suggest XPlan. Not open source, but no subscription fees too. Customizable and with hierarchies.