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Lawrence Lagerlof
Lawrence Lagerlof

Posted on • Updated on - CTRL+r on steroids

This project is available on GitHub at


Once the script is installed, use the CTRL+r shortcut in the terminal as you normally would to find past commands. You can use the arrow keys or you can type to search. Find the command you want to execute and press ENTER. The selected command will be inserted into the prompt (but not executed). If you want to execute it you should press ENTER again.

Beyond that the selected command will be copied to the clipboard, ready to be pasted anywhere (try CTRL+SHIFT+V in another application).


  • Install fzf
  • Install xclip or xsel
  • Copy the file to /usr/local/bin/
  • Make it executable:
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/
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  • Override the vanilla CTRL+r adding the following line to the end of your ~/.bashrc:
bind -x '"\C-r": "source /usr/local/bin/"'
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  • Restart the terminal

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