Learn about Dyslexia for the Web with me!

Lindsey Kopacz on November 14, 2018

As I started this blog, I began to follow specific hashtags on Twitter. I learned that last month was Dyslexia Awareness Month after following ... [Read Full]
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Fantastic post. Im dyslexic myself and currently building a startup for a tool that helps people with dyslexia online.

This is it



Wow that is awesome! I'll check it out tonight :)


As the father of two dyslexic children, thanks.

It should be remembered that Dyslexia is different for each suffer. It's good to have a set of standards like you've given here to help as many as possible.


I agree! I've had some people tell me this is overkill, but I'd rather accommodate those that struggle the most because those fixes benefit everyone


I (would) benefit and I’m not dyslexic- to your point of “benefiting everyone”

Thanks. Bookmarked!


Excellent piece, and very useful, and particularly interesting is the use of screen readers, didn't know that.

I wrote a small post myself a while ago about dyslexia and fonts which you might find interesting: ashleysheridan.co.uk/blog/Dyslexia...


Wonderful! All things that we as creators very often neglect (for a plethora of reasons.)

My wife recently came across this: dyslexiefont.com/en/typeface/ which seems to help our son to read better. Might be useful to someone out there.


Thanks for sharing! I’ll also check it out!!


Great article, thanks for sharing. Are there any resources that you know of on how to write better code given some of the principles you lay out here? It seems like these can be applied to a wide range of writing scenarios including programming.


Patients with aphasia suffer a type of dyslexia aswell. People need more awareness about accesibility. Thanks for writting this <3


thanks for sharing! so important to shed light on non-visible disabilities when talking about accessibility in tech, and i really appreciate you putting this on my radar to learn more about :)


Of course! I feel like cognitive disabilities aren't nearly as talked about in web accessibility so I wanted to put some new stuff out there.


Thank you so much! I have a dyslexic child and I appreciate devs who make an effort for him.


Quite interesting post. I'll think about it when I develop my projects, it will surely help a lot of people

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