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re: How do you deal with taking a break when you're deep in a problem? That was always my problem with pomodoro, I'd be deep in a problem and the timer...

This is tricky because it depends on the personality type. I personally have no problem getting back to it after my break is over because 5 minutes is so short. If it were longer (like 10-15 minutes) I may have a lot more trouble with it.

Sometimes I find that when I do take the break, even when I am deep in a problem, the "fresh" start actually helps and I start hitting the ground running. My intent is always to get back to it after my break, and I am pretty good at it!

It's hard to tell if this is just who I am (personality) or if it's actually my mindset.

I will say though, even if you don't take the full break like I do...we could all benefit from taking a few breaths and remembering to drink water :D

Pomodoro technique is awesome, been using it since last year to work on my daily task.

The notifications for pomodoro apps, can help in reminding you to take a break when you have a earpiece.

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