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Getting attention for your products, services, content, etc is a tricky one, but I think the main thing is make sure people know what you're selling. You'd be SHOCKED to find out how many customers are lost simply because they don't know what they'll gain by buying your product.

I am reading the book Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller, and it's been fascinating to me. He compares your marketing copy to telling a story where your customer is the hero and you're the guide. I won't give too much away, but I really think if a customer goes to your website and is confused about what you do, that's something that can be cleared up right away to improve sales.


Thats quite clever. Pretty much make your customer feel they are righting a wrong in the world by purchasing what you're selling? I never thought of it that way. Certainly enlightening though!


So I wanna rephrase that. My target audience isn't one I want to convince that they need my product. I want them to be already interested but they need to know why it will help them be the hero. :)

So wait, what I am hearing is, that in order to write good advertising copy, I must channel my inner Gandalf? 😱 WHY HAS NOBODY EXPLAINED THIS TO ME BEFORE?!?


My friend Kelly Miller (haha I didn't even realize they had the same last name) just launched her ebook about this too on product hunt if you want to check it out :).

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