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Github projects are nice, just because they're so (obviously) integrated with Github issues, branches, etc.

They don't do everything that a more feature-full solution does, but it's still really nice for software teams (and free!)


We recently started using Clubhouse after using GitHub Issues for about two years. As a dev team, GH Issues was pretty much perfect for what we needed - we used the Projects feature at an Org Level to track issues across multiple repositories in each of our sprints. However the lack of visibility for non-devs was an issue - and we found that adding non-devs to our GitHub org didn't work so smoothly and we ended up with a lack of clarity on priority.

I wouldn't say Clubhouse is perfect but it feels like they are getting there. One area that needs a bit of work is their UI around iterations/sprints - they have some super flexible views and filters but the navigation to get there isn't always super obvious. They've been advertising pretty heavily recently and it seems like they are anchoring on two things:

  1. Anti-JIRA: they are pitching themselves as offering the power and flexibility of JIRA without the hot mess that often ensues. For me, they offer a well-configured default that will work for most small dev teams and startups. That said, don't expect anywhere close to the configurability of JIRA for your workflows. For us that's a good thing, but YMMV depending on what you're looking for.

  2. "Beautiful UI": Personally I think their UI is good but I think it lacks a little polish, especially on the mobile app. A decent designer would take their UI from good to great in no time. I'd love to see it get the Steve Schoger treatment as I think some subtle improvements would take it a long way.

One of the very nice things about Clubhouse is that they recently made it free for up to 10 users. For small companies like us, this means you can get most of your team using Clubhouse and see if it works for you before you pay a cent.

Before we opted to use Clubhouse we tried and evaluated a number of other similar products - but in the end we felt Clubhouse had the best combination of power and simplicity. Overall, I'm happy with the decision we made and I'm confident Clubhouse will only get better in the future.


We use

It's everything you need in one place:

  • project management
  • time tracking
  • sales pipeline
  • resource planning

More info here


I use often Trello and Quire. Both work reasonably well, but my favourite thing about Quire is that it has a dark theme.


I have recently had the chance to work with gitLab. The kanban style columns and the label based system is really nice in my opinion.

For smaller projects, I can imagine Trello as well, with the automation stuff that it has it looks really powerful.


I use Trello as a board prototyping tool, if the prototype becomes too complex or too big to handle then I migrate it to Jira.


I love working with Trello and Clickup. Clickup, in my opinion, is a complete alternative to JIRA and is free for the most part.

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