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Liviu Lupei
Liviu Lupei

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Help me improve the homepage

I work for Endtest.

The homepage is one of the most important parts of our website, and your feedback would be very helpful.

I'm mostly looking for thoughts on how it looks and feels, not necessarily technical aspects (Lighthouse score, etc.)

  1. How would you improve the homepage?
  2. Does it do a good job of describing what our platform does?
  3. Is there any piece of text that makes you think "I don't want to try this"?

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Andrew Baisden

It looks pretty cool one thing that bothered me though was the review images under the Recognized as an industry leader heading. It would look better if they were all the same size. You could put them into Photoshop and then do the necessary graphic editing to make them all the same size while also retaining the individual colours and layout etc...

maddrid profile image

Hy . Just some thoughts

Greater p font size .

On mobile landscape and desktop 16 px it's too small.

Each h3 tags subtitle (foto) under {How Endtest work} should contain a link to a documentation page where further details provided for specific action (image)

Make it a link( all caps )? Page header is purple , icons pink , chat icon blue... link color shoud be ?????

Schedule tests -> goes to page ->schedule automatic tests with Endtest

Since were mentioned on home page would be a good idea to highlight and enforce each aspect fast .

Some small text changes

To help organizations-> to help your company (organization )
Our technology empowers -> Endtest technology empowers (do not change to first person here it's about Focusing on ( the reader and the Endtest as company) not yourself )

The slider below { how Endtest works } looks better (on mobile) with images stacked vertically.

Implies the full user attention on content and he gets all info from scrolling , not distracted by clicking 8 times to reveal the info
This will help implementing other feature(s) like get scroll lenght to see how far a user scrolled into the page
And Kept his interest .
If not reaching the page footer then info provided on the page is not usefull for that user ?

There is some ajax requests(external) on reaching the page footer but fires every time reaching the footer . ?

juankortiz profile image

I think the best improvement could be adding more spacing or whitespace between certain elements (the mobile version looks a little bit cluttered).
The "How Endtest works" looks fine, but I have some problems with those icons, mainly the scale and the arrow that pops on the left side of the active element, kinda screw the alignement with the other icons.
And there are discrepancies with the height of the images on the "Recognized as an industry leader" section. Maybe I'm being picky, but that really bugs me.

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Liviu Lupei

Interesting. I was so used to that "Recognized as an industry leader" section that I didn't realize it might bug some people.
Thank you so much! I really appreciate you took the time to do that.

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Putri Karunia

I think it looks fine, just need some polishing on the images and icons

  • On the "Trusted by thousands of companies" part, maybe don't use white background logos when your section background is not white (don't show a rectangle for each logo), maybe copy how Stripe shows company logos? (same for "Recognized as an industry leader" section)
  • The images on "How Endtest works" could be nicer, I think the icons both on the side as well as inside the images can be polished (use smaller, softer color)
  • Since your base color is pink/purple, maybe the chat should have the same color.

Side note: I noticed that you're still using passwords, might be worth it to use a magic-link login so that your sign-up form only have 1 field, which should reduce friction for new users.

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Yavor Dimitrov • Edited

Hi Liviu, I remember reading an article of yours somewhere. Youโ€™re an awesome guy! I would also suggest adding more whitespace between elements, especially on mobile it looks a bit cluttered. I would also suggest having some sort of transition in between sections of your homepage, so sections donโ€™t look so cut off.

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Looks pretty fine to me. The only thing that bugged was the scrolling. Its not smooth enough, it feels forced. The scrolling is smooth on mobile, but not so much on the desktop