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Trying Hashicorp Nomad 1.0 with LXD and Terraform

A while ago I wrote an article about deploying Hashicorp Nomad using LXD and Ansible and since Nomad hit 1.0 I decided to revisit it. It is an interesting and I wanted to try Terraform and learn a bit about it.

You can find everything in this repository.

To deploy the cluster, install Terraform and Packer and then terraform apply.

I used Packer, another tool from Hashicorp, to create the container images and I also added a Prometheus instance to monitor the Nomad cluster and services. I will probably add Grafana in the future and if you know a good dashboard for Nomad, please share :)

Terraform is a great tool, but Ansible is still more flexible, although it can be a bit harder to deal with and sometimes I feel lost in its documentation.

Nomad is a good alternative to Kubernetes, specially if you are deploying your own cluster, with focus in simplicity and it is so easy to test it on your own machine.

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