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Why Developers Should Use Preview Environments

Check out the latest episode in the Open Source Cafe podcast, where Assaf Krintza (@assafkr - Co-founder & VP Engineering at Livecycle) sits down with Kunal Kushwaha to explore the world of preview environments.

Some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • An overview view of the various types of environments that developers encounter
  • What are preview environments and how can developers benefit from using them in their development process
  • About “Preevy” - an open source tool that simplifies the creation of preview environments
  • Some of the the pain points and challenges faced by developers that Preevy addresses
  • Preevy’s support for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and K8s
  • Common misconceptions and myths surrounding preview environments
  • Several other gems

Watch this podcast episode here:

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Jan Küster

How does preview env differ from the classic staging env?