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Reflect: Release 0.4 1/3

Release 0.4 is the last assignment we have for DPS909. In this assignment we are going to be working on a project that has bigger scale, more complexity than other open-source project we have contributed to throughout this course.
To make this very last assignment meaningful, I would like to work on a project that has more than 100 contributors and I will choose an issue that requires me to add a feature instead of fixing a bug.
The repositories that I would like to choose from are these:

Repository List

    This is a podcast Android app project that I have worked with previously for release 0.3.

    This is a gift card managing app on Android. I have made 2 contributions to this project during Hacktoberfest 2022, the repository owner of this project is very nice and has a high standard on code quality. This is the project that I want to work with the most.

    NextCloud is an Android app that helps users to view and manage their phones on the cloud. Up until now, this project has more than one thousand opened issues for me to work on.

    This is the server side of NextCloud I mentioned earlier. This project is implemented in JavaScript with Node.js, to make more the variety of the project I contribute to, I might choose to work on this as well.

    Telescope as the project of the project that's collectively created by Seneca students, I feel that I'm very much obligated to make as much contribution as I could to it. In addition to this, since I spent a lot of time on this project during Release 0.3, I've already gotten more experience with this project, which means that I might find it easier to work on this project than start working on a new project from ground zero.

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