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Why Little Boat <3 Prismic

Here at Little Boat Digital, we've tried all different types of headless (and not so headless!) CMS's. and we've decided to back Prismic.

Whilst this doesn't mean we won't use the others, everything has its merits, we're using Prismic for our website and will offer it to future clients.

Now. Enough about us, why did we pick it?!

Why Prismic?

Gatsby support for previews

The preview button

A lot of issues we had with other headless options, is a lot of our clients wouldn't want to wait for a staging site to rebuild before seeing their content where it'll actually live.

With Prismic, and a little magic & configuration, we were able to set up support against our live site, getting rid of the need to have a staging server.

WYSIWYG schema editing

Custom blocks

Whilst not essential, it's super nice to be able to drag a few content types out from an interface and call it a day.

Our clients can essentially make a new page/content type on the fly, pass it over to us as requirements and then we can build around a page with the data they're wanting. Mindblowing!

Slice Machine

Slice Machines

Whilst this isn't a feature for Gatsby (yet), using slice machines in Next is next level. In the past, we've had to create a BlockBuilder component to wrap our slices, loop over them, and a whole tonne of markup to get there.

With slice machines, they abstract a lot of that away, giving you a one line option to run instead.

I hope this list, despite being short, gives you some thought for your next CMS. I feel I ought to say, Prismic didn't pay for this post, no sponsorship etc. I just love what they're doing over there and I'm excited to see what happens next.

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