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Self-Hosted Password Manager (Laravel 8 + PHP 8 + MySQL 8)

I have published my personal Password Manager as self-hosted and open source project.

Technologies are Laravel 8 + PHP 8 + MySQL 8.

Can be used as personal and company.

Main features are:

  • Users Management.
  • Teams management.
  • Access to applications limited by teams.
  • Multiple types of data records.
  • Encryption in database.
  • Authentication by certificate and double factor with Google Authenticator.
  • Using certificate, you can to disable password auth.
  • Logged every time a user accesses, consults or updates an application.
  • Allows private or shared applications.
  • It has a chrome extension that connects via API and directly accesses the credentials of the web you are visiting.

This project has an extension for Google Chrome that you can download at

You can start with english README

What do you think?

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andersbjorkland profile image
Anders Björkland

Nice work, Lito. I've no experience with Laravel but I like this idea of self-hosting something like this. Maybe it would be a neat thing to turn my dust-collecting Raspberry Pi to a Passberry... Given I don't already have a few projects in que. Anyway, I like this initiative!

bdelespierre profile image
Benjamin Delespierre

Looks nice! I suggest you add a deploy to Heroku button, I think it might help people to adopt it if they can deploy it for free with just one click.

lito profile image

I'm working to dockerize the project :)

ayhanerdm profile image
Ayhan Erdem • Edited

Where should I enter the database info, though?
After "php artisan migrate" I get a connection error.

lito profile image

Check point 4 on README