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Kubernetes-native Chaos Engineering journey eased with Litmus Tutorials

With the rise in the popularity of Chaos Engineering for Kubernetes using LitmusChaos, the broader community needs to learn everything about Litmus from scratch in the meantime to get started with chaos testing their Kubernetes applications.

To help ease this journey for Kubernetes developers & SREs, the Litmus maintainers decided to come up with a series of tutorials that give a detailed explanation to various questions and thoughts one might have before getting started with Litmus.
In spite of the pre-existing documentation as well as insightful blogs, often users demand or seek a better visual representation and learning experience for any toolset, framework, technology or language. What better than detailed presentations & explanations?

The Litmus tutorials started off in late July with the agenda of briefly explaining various functioning, aspects, components, and experiments related to LitmusChaos. The only goal these tutorials have is to help inculcate the true value of Kubernetes resiliency and reliability through chaos testing among developers & SREs.

Check out Litmus tutorials on YouTube now!

Don't forget to subscribe to the LitmusChaos YouTube channel to stay updated with everything happening in the cloud-native Chaos Engineering world with LitmusChaos.

Want an overview of the Litmus Tutorials here? Why not?

  • Introduction to LitmusChaos

  • LitmusChaos Architecture

  • Getting Started with Litmus

  • Litmus Components

  • ChaosHub

  • Litmus Chaos Workflows

Are you an SRE or a Kubernetes enthusiast? Does Chaos Engineering excite you?
Here are some important links to follow:
Litmus Website
Litmus Docs
Litmus is on Twitter

Join our community on Slack for detailed discussions & regular updates on Chaos Engineering for Kubernetes.

Check out the LitmusChaos GitHub repo and do share your feedback.

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