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End Of Year Fatigue?

Have you reached end of year fatigue? If your answer is yes, then welcome to the club. If your answer is no, then get the fuck out of this post you lucky bastard. Just kidding man, please stay, I'm glad to host you for the next few lines.

I feel like I'm reaching my limit. I feel like a pot of water that's just about to reach boiling temp. and start flowing over onto the stove.

I've challenged myself to make 2 sites, 2 very important site, 2 potentially life-opening sites.
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I aspire to become a freelance webmaster next year January so that I can overcome my financial woes, But I had 2 problems:

1) People won't hire you if you don't have a site.
2) There has to be a good portfolio to make potential employers trust in your skills.

A month back I solved problem 1 with my own site: (check it out if you have the time). Now it was time to solve problem 2.

I could've chosen from a whole host of different sectors to help bolster the portfolio, but I chose to stick to web development and add to my ReactJS knowledge by employing a MERN stack.

Ultimately it was a good choice because I completed the functionality quite fast, the styling and responsiveness are just the leftover tasks. A friend of mine also asked for a site, so things should be looking up. They truly are, but I just feel like I'm in a rut because of this end of year fatigue.

What're your stories? In what way is the end of year fatigue affecting you?

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