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I'm excited to announce that today is my first day working with the DEV team as their first product designer! 🎉

Having worked with @ben and @peter on a past project, I'm excited to champion product design to create memorable experiences that bring people together on DEV.

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Like many others, I've lately been pondering on the role of the Internet (with a capital I) in our society. In our day and age where we're faced with rampant reminders of social media's toxic consequences, it's easy to underwrite the other aspects that connectivity has provided us. Through forums, websites, platforms, blogs, and so much more, the Internet allows people to find one another for support, knowledge, common ground, and a sense of belonging across geography, timezones, languages, belief systems, and background. Whether I was learning easy hacks for memorizing French conjugations through YouTube, or navigating how to come out as queer for the first time on LGTBQ forums, or building my first websites that would end up becoming a career for me, I leaned into the richness of the Internet to find a way to be my best, empowered self.

DEV is one stunning example in pursuit of these ideals. By bringing community together to help people in software development, DEV also gives people a way to tap into their creativity. When the team approached me to join their team, I knew that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I couldn't turn down.

A bit about me

I am a designer, illustrator, artist based in sunny Los Angeles 🌞. Prior to DEV, I've worked in product design at places like Dropbox, Facebook, and thoughtbot (where I learned all of the quickest Vim shortcuts). When I'm not thinking about product design, I enjoy climbing 🧗🏻‍♀️, spending hours in bookshops 📚, riding my bike 🚲, and painting in parks 🎨.

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Where you can find me

Follow me and my adventures building product design at DEV here, as well as on other social media:

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a designer who likes drawing, painting, climbing, biking, and karoake-ing.


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Awesome, I hope we all get some UX/UI post around here 👀


Awesome to have you on the team, Lisa! I've really enjoyed hearing your thoughts and plans for product design on DEV — so glad to have you with us!


Welcome, Lisa! So excited to be working with you again 😃


Congratulations and best of luck! 👍


That is an awesome keyboard. I am a fellow 60%er, but don't have the awesome keys and backlighting that you do


Congratulations and welcome Lisa!! How exciting 🤗✨