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Beginner's guide to building a full stack app (Node.js & React) with Elasticsearch

Want to build a full stack app (Node.js and React) with Elasticsearch but have no idea how to get started?

Season 2 of Mini Beginner's Crash Course to Elasticsearch and Kibana will teach you how to do just that!


Two Ways to Learn

We all have preferred method of learning so choose the format that works for you:

1. Video format(YouTube playlist)
Season 2 video titles start with S2 and have a thumbnail background similar to the following!
2. Blog format (
If you prefer to learn by reading instead, use the following table of content and go through the blogs in the following order!

Complementary GitHub Repo to the Series

Table of Content

Season 2 overview:

Part 1: What are we building and learning about in season 2?

Initial Setup:

Part 2: Build a server using Node.js with Express

Part 3: Create an Elastic Cloud deployment

Part 4: Securely connect Node.js server to Elastic Cloud

Data ingestion:

Part 5: Plan for efficient data storage and search performance in Elasticsearch

Part 6: Set up Elasticsearch for data transformation and data ingestion

Part 7 : Set up the Node.js server to retrieve API data and send the data to Elasticsearch


Part 8: Build the client side of the app with React


Part 9: Set up Node.js server to handle Elasticsearch requests


Part 10: Visualize data with Kibana Lens

Ready to get started?

Kickstart your journey with Part 1 - What are we building and learning about in season 2?

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