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Make Your Learning Fun!!


Exhausted with watching video tutorials?🤯 Wanna upskill yourself by making your learning interesting?🤗 provides such a platform that will not only help you develop your skills but also will make your learning interesting!

I am going to share my learning experience that I have started with CRIO Winter Of Doing. I was exploring some better ways to learn and improve my skills. Then I found the Crio Winter of Doing externship program ad on my Instagram.

The Crio Winter Of Doing Stage 1 started on 9th January 2021 and I was quite impressed by the Crio dashboard features provided to me. The Dashboard provides an Activity Board, Modules, Workspace, and a Progress Report.

In Stage 1, I have covered HTTP, REST APIs, Basic knowledge about Linux, and a lot of new things like Gitlab and Gitpod. I also deployed my first app in AWS! The most interesting part is it provides its own workspace platform for the developers.

Crio's hands-on sessions and activities helped me a lot to understand the concepts in a better way. It was a complete practical implementation and not just brush up things and learn definitions, it can definitely be called #LearnbyDoing. Their ideology of #LearnbyDoing is resonated very well through their #work-like Micro-Experiences. Crio Micro-Experiences provide an environment optimized for learning, with real-world problems curated from the industry.

Moreover, some of the extremely eminent speakers in the tech industry like Vivek Ravishanker and Binny Bansal inspired us with the motivational aspect of becoming a developer, which was a great opportunity for us.🥳

I would recommend every user reading this to visit the website and explore its courses, projects,micro-experiences, etc.

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