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Discussion on: Tabs vs Spaces?

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Lionel Gaillard

I use spaces because I stick to conventions, but I would prefer tabs because:

  • That the purpose of tabs.
  • Count as one character.
  • Accessibility: IDEs can display tabs with selected width.

I read a post about a guy with a severe sight issue, who, to be able to code, had a very large font size configured in his IDE.
But at this font size, four spaces are huge, and he had to scroll horizontally all the time.
So each time he edited a file, he changed spaces to tabs (which were displayed with a width of one space), and changed back tabs to spaces before to commit !

For most of us, the battle of tabs vs spaces is totally vain.
For some of us, it can change their everyday experience.

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Yufan Lou

Thank you so much for bringing this reason to my attention.

I will use tabs for all my indentation going forward.

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Pandiyan Murugan Author

I love tabs