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My first i3 rice

My first rice, an i3 dracula themed setup, not nearly finished but ready to show off!

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Lord knows I've spent hours and hours hacking at this setup, and being that it's my first rodeo using a tiling wm, it's certainly been a learning experience! I still have a few more major enhancements in the works, soon the setup will be compliant with sway and work on wayland as well as X11, and I'm also working on a much more advance setup with my bars.

Currently I'm just using i3bar, the top bar's status is provided by py3status (I'm a huge python lover), and the bottom bar is using i3blocks. With that being said, py3status actually supports i3blocks as well as it's own format, but I really just used both to familiarize myself with some of the different available options.

Upgrades in the works..

I'll be sticking with py3status for sure, but I'll be changing the bar up, I'm playing with the possibility of using using lemonbar, with py3status, but not sure just yet. I've also toyed with the possibility of putting conky to quite a bit more work as well.

Anyway, I've posted the source to my dotfiles on on github so that hopefully the next man can get some use out of them and learn something new. If you're interested, keep your eyes out because I'll be pushing the source until I've gotten sway working properly along with wayland support as well.

Coming up next, Qtile! Being the python fanatic that I am it is perfectly suited to me and I've been having quite a bit of fun with it. It's sporting some serious performance and being that it's completely written in python it's going to be a lot of fun!

Thanks for taking a minute to check this out if you have! I'm available for feedback of any kind, advice, tell me what an idiot I am, or give me some ideas, or maybe even ask for some help!

Telegram: @ linuxkarl615

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