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Discussion on: Stand-Up 2.0: It’s Time To Ditch The Daily From 1993

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Arash - thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.

I think a lot of devs share your thoughts of "that's always the way we've done it". I think what's interesting is the shift to talking about all things through the context of delivery. So the most important thing to talk about is what's preventing that (blockers, dependencies, etc). Framing the conversation this way makes sure that the time is most efficiently spent. Any other conversations about what was done can also be framed this way. For example, here's what I released yesterday and what's progress.

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Essentially you are saying the same thing in slightly more complecated way! I mean maybe there is a small opportunity to teach the right way of doing it (what you achieve yesterday what will you achieve today, how can we help you do better ) but what we both are saying is already in place.

As for maximising the delivery I still think it's 80% leadership issue, 20% team not understand the importance of working together.

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