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My 100 Days of Hacking !

I am excited to announce my journey as I begin a '100 Days of Hacking' challenge. Several weeks ago, I was elated to have been been 1 of 5 people globally who was accepted into Bugcrowd's Bug Bounty Mentorship program. In this program we are paired with a bug bounty hunter/ethical hacker expert for a mentor and are learning how to succeed at bug bounty hunting. My initial interest in tech began with an interest in cybersecurity, but I wasn't sure what path to take to be able to incorporate that interest into a career. Shortly after beginning my Software Engineering bootcamp, I realized that security is not something that is heavily discussed or taught as we are learning to build applications. The more I learn about how to break into an application, the more that I want to make sure that I know how to make my applications as secure as possible!

My goal during this '100 days of Hacking' challenge is to continue learning about web application vulnerabilities, and not only how to exploit them but how to prevent them! I look forward to sharing each week what I have learned in order to spread more awareness about what steps a developer should take to ensure the safety and security of data.

To hold myself accountable to my goals and in case anyone wants to join in on the '100 Days of Hacking' challenge, here are the rules that I have set up for myself:

  • Monday - Friday : 40 minutes daily of learning about a specific vulnerability for the week (utilize purchased books, PortSwigger, PentesterLab, etc). Keep notes daily on what was learned.

  • Saturday : 4 hours to finish up learning whatever topic that I was learning in the middle of the week. Search for bugs in a real application, specifically ones related to the vulnerability learned during the week.

  • Sunday: 4 hours to search for bugs open to any vulnerabilities learned up to this point. Write a blog post about what I've learned and/or found during this week.

  • Goal by end of 100 days of hacking: FIND A BUG & RECEIVE A BOUNTY! ­čÉŤ ­čĺ╗

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Paola Sánchez

I would love to read more about this '100 Days of Hacking', seems amazing and a great guide personally !