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Awesome Landing Page

lindelof profile image lindelof ・1 min read

awesome-landing-page is A series of beautiful and practical landing page templates.

There are a lot of beautiful landing page templates. They are built using various front-end technologies. I hope you like them.

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Oh my dear friends, do you often need a beautiful page to decorate your projects? Maybe you are an algorithm engineer or a bridge engineering designer, but I think your open source project always needs a little embellishment. A beautiful homepage will make your github project shine.

Awesome lading page

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This project has carefully selected nearly 100 open source landing page templates for you, and dozens of free tutorials. I think it will make you feel extra surprised, thinking that everything you want is here.


Finally, I want to say that beautiful things are always refreshing. I hope to dedicate them to you, if you like I will continue to recommend more fun things.

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koraylinux profile image
Koray Biçer

It's beautiful. I felt like i was returning to 80's :) Love the neon and pink.

shaijut profile image
Shaiju T

Nice 😄 , Do you know any good website like themeforest were I can buy responsive and trendy landing page templates for commercial use ?

andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

You could try Envato they seem to have cool templates.

adam_cyclones profile image
Adam Crockett

Bookmarked! Haha Thanks!