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6 very useful react component libraries

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React is arguably the most popular JavaScript framework now. Every day, a lot of new react component libraries are released. I have collected these useful components, each of them is very useful, I hope you will like it.

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1. React Portal Tooltip

Awesome React tooltip


github project url https://github.com/romainberger/react-portal-tooltip

2. react-notifications-component

A delightful, easy to use and highly configurable component to help you notify your users out of the box. No messy setup, just beautiful notifications!


github project url https://github.com/teodosii/react-notifications-component

3. react-native-keyboard-spacer

Plug and play iOS react-native keyboard spacer view.


github project url https://github.com/Andr3wHur5t/react-native-keyboard-spacer

4. React Flip Move

Effortless animation between DOM changes (eg. list reordering) using the FLIP technique.


github project url https://github.com/joshwcomeau/react-flip-move

5. React-Tags

React-tags is a simple tagging component ready to drop in your React projects. The component is inspired by GMail's To field in the compose window.


github project url https://github.com/prakhar1989/react-tags

6. React Simple Chatbot

A simple chatbot component to create conversation chats.


github project url https://github.com/LucasBassetti/react-simple-chatbot


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Hieu Nguyen

Thanks for the great list. Gonna add it to my React toolbox. 👍

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Siradji Awoual

Great article. keep it up man.