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Linda Ikechukwu
Linda Ikechukwu

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My Dev Story: Learning to Code, Writing more, and Building My Own Blog.

I started learning to code inconsistently in late 2018 and in that time I started writing about things I was learning here on medium. I got a couple of positive responses asking me to write more, but I couldn’t find the time to because I was in my final year in school. It was really hard balancing the stress of trying to finish school, finishing my project, the numerous academic defenses, and finding time to learn to code. I finally gave up and stopped writing.

Fast forward to now, I’ve landed my first job right after leaving school and I finally found the time (all thanks to the pandemic and lockdown) to build my own portfolio and blog site using Gatsby so I can have my own digital space on the internet. [Insert shouting, drum rolls, and some funny dance steps].

To all of you who were supporting me on here, you can go check it out at and drop your reviews. I’ll love to hear them.
On, I’ll be publishing beginner-friendly articles on frontend/cloud development, dev life, and more bi-monthly. If this sounds like something you are interested in, consider subscribing to my newsletter on the blog.

Let's talk in the replies, what has your coding journey been like? Any highs or lows? any lessons learned?

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