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Łukasz Wolnik
Łukasz Wolnik

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Speed boost to Flipper debugger on Apple M1

TL;DR Download the Apple silicon builds of Flipper here:

Flipper's official builds are painfully slow on Apple M1 silicon.

The app was so slow that it hindered my daily work. And the worst bit was that not only my CPU was struggling with the Flipper but it also made an iOS app I was working on painfully slow too!

Intel inside

It turned out that Flipper has been running through Rosetta emulator.

Activity Monitor showing Flipper running on Intel binaries

Universal build to the rescue

Thankfully there are good people out there that prepared a Universal App build for Flipper that runs natively on M1 silicon to a great success.

Here's the PR for a reference.


UPDATE: the para-official builds are now available at

Build M1 silicon-ready Flipper app by running below on your Terminal:

git clone
cd flipper
git checkout m1-universal
cd desktop
yarn build --mac
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Your Apple binary will be at ../dist/mac-universal/

Run it by double clicking it in the Finder and you'll immediately see that Flipper and most importantly an app you're developing runs much faster now.

Activity Monitor showing Flipper running on Apple binaries

You can be happy about your M1 machine again.

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mango3ree profile image

downloaded 0.182 and works fine on air m1

vitorcalvi profile image
Vitor Calvi

Error in compilation

Script termnated. Error: Expected all non-binary files to have identical SHAs when creating a universal build but "Contents/Frameworks/Electron Framework.framework/Versions/A/Resources/MainMenu.nib/keyedobjects-101300.nib" did not

limal profile image
Łukasz Wolnik

I haven't seen that error. I'm using Xcode 13.4.

mark_holland_7b0cfc030bd7 profile image
Mark Holland

Same here